Dear Reader,

This page contains a selection from the pictures I took during my recent Cross Country Bicycle Ride. For those who don't read my blogs, the whole story of the ride may be found at this webpage. Items of interest like bike setup, what was in my bag, an FAQ, and a fairly inaccurate map of the ride may be found at the same website.

I haven't gotten around to write a full summary of the ride. But the really short summary of the ride follows: I rode from Arunachal Pradesh(Kibi-thu, officially the eastermost point of India) to Gujarat(Ahmadabad). I passed through Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. I started on Dec 10th, 2007 and finished on Jan 15th, 2008. For the statistically minded : 8 states, 3800 kms, 37 days. Slept in lodges, hotels, once in a dhaba, twice on a bench and once in a village house. Rode on good & bad roads. Ate local food, and drank local water. Met a lot of people people: good(most), bad(some), and ugly(atleast 3!). Got duped on the road once and lost my sunglass(in Bihar, if you must know!). Saw a fair amount of the natural and archaelogical wealth of India. And learnt to fix many parts of my bike. Without doubt, this was the biggest and most exciting bicycle ride of my life till now... (where 'now' is Feb 2008).

Please find the pictures below. Move the mouse over the thumbnails to get a short description. Click on them to enlarge. From any enlarged picture, you can move on to the next/previous picture.

Answers to most questions may be obtained by reading the ride blog. If all else fails, contact information is on this page.


-- Shree