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I'm Shree Kumar, just Shree to my friends. I am a software engineer by profession, and an engineer by disposition.

I am the proud creator of Kite, the World's first & only Open Hardware Android Smartphone. Check it out on our official page. For a deep dive of the same, I have setup a project page on HACKADAY.IO.


I enjoy programming(especially 3D graphics), riding cycles, photography, and playing-the-chef (in that order). My other hobbies include trekking, zipping around on my motorbike, playing computer games(long time since I played one!), making noises on the harmonica (I'm a member of The Harmonica Club, Bangalore) and keyboard, and calligraphy. Of late, I've been indulging in inline skating as well. Now, if all that seems a lot to you, then be warned : I'm always looking at diversifying further !

Look out for links to my long rides on the right hand side of this blog. Most of the content on this website is devoted to my most visible hobby, riding cycles. I expect that to change someday.

I'm also the author of the Parallel Compositing Library, and more recently VizStack (yes, these are part of my day job 🙂 )

Feel free to browse around & enjoy!

-- Shree

If you need to contact me, then here are your options :

Email : shree.shree AT gmail.com.
Mobile : +91 94498 35848
Networks : LinkedIn

A request: If you have a general cycling question, I'd recommend you post it in a cycling forum like BikesZone Cycling Forum. The benefit of posting in a forum is that you get to see multiple perspectives(including mine in many cases), plus it reduces some work for me. Some sample general cycling questions are "which cycle should I buy ? who ride around ? can I join too ?"... Remember to look around in the forums before posting !

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  1. Shree

    Just read your wonderful blog on your travelling companion.

    Very best regards from your cycling buddy now back in Australia.

    Wayne lewis

  2. hello shree, this is mayank . i also share same hobbies and one thing is common among us that is diversity. why don’t you promote your blog by banner sharing . along with my team i am leading a lot of projects in many fields and nearly each one is connected to web in some form.
    i have a proposal to share a banner or get associate your blog with my website http://www.pratidhvani.com . this will help both parties as it will definitely increase the web traffic routing.

  3. @Wayne : Good to hear from you after a long time ! Looks like emails to your id bounce back. Trying again just to be sure !

    @mayank: One thing you’ll notice about this site is the absence of a blog-roll. That’s mostly because I don’t read many blogs, and not regularly. I’ll add this in time. I’m not really looking to overtly publicize my blog at this time.

  4. Hi Shree,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and truly inspired by your adventures. I stumbled across your blog while I was researching touring bikes. I’ve been riding an MTB for 6 months now and wanted to take up touring. I’m planning to do some touring in the early part of this year and wanted to know if it is okay to contact you directly.


  5. @Vishwas: I missed this comment somehow. I’ll reply to you by email to make it easier for you.

  6. Hey Shree, I am about to buy a bicycle today after 10 years not having driven a 2-wheeler and was just doing some research. Came through your blog and loved it. And then when I visited Rediff, Voila! You were there as well.

    Don’t know if you realize or not, you are being an inspiration for many. Keep going mate!


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and truly inspired by your adventures. I stumbled across your blog while I was researching touring bikes. I’ve been riding an MTB for 6 months now and wanted to take up touring. I’m planning to do some touring in the early part of this year and wanted to know if it is okay to contact you directly.

  8. hi im surya. I got into your blog searching for firefox bikes. I only realized that there are alot of unhappy firefox customers like u &me.I had the same experience like u had that was the high price of parts & senseless mechanics.I too visited the store many a time repairing for my bmx.I think i should really agree with you to suggest anybody to think before they buy a FIRE FOX bike….
    thank you,

  9. Hi Shree .. stumbled upon your blog while checking out firefox bikes .. happy to see an honest adventurer .. comes out in your blog ..

    Noticed you live in RT Nagar .. would be a pleasure to catch up with you sometime when I visit my aunt there .. will let you know when the Army gives me a nice break .. maybe next year .. and if you can spare some time from programming and biking ..

    Till then ..

  10. i need a bike in the range of 10k. Mostly on-road and a little off road capabilities.. I was thinking firefox road runner or firefox cyclone. any suggestions would be most welcome..How is the firefox compared to the Hercules Ryder series?

  11. This is to update you that I have purchased “FireFox Bad Attitude” on 1st Sept- 2011 from
    “PAL & SONS”
    SHOP NO 2 & 3, LAXMI APPT,
    PHONE – 020-64108074
    MOBILE- 09766510753

    I have been committed Free servicing within 90 days of Purchase.
    I have been advised not to visit the Shop for servicing during weekends. As per commitment I have visited the stores on Wednesday Nov-23rd – 2011 for servicing.

    On my first visit for servicing, I have been told that this week is very busy week and we are not able to service your Bike. Requesting to visit our stores on next Wednesday, that is Nov-30-2011 . I have told the Shop owner that Wednesday is my working day and It becomes difficult to visit multiple times during working days,I will visit on Wednesday morning 9:30 , requesting to schedule your technician so he can complete his activity within an hour of time and then I can attend my office.

    As per commitment I have visited the stores on Nov-30-2011 at 10:00 in morning , on my surprise I found the store was closed. I have called Shop owner on his cell. Initially he was very polite considering I will be going to purchase the product, Once he realized that he need to complete servicing , He again told me that It will not be possible to complete your request immediately , requesting to wait for half an hour till our shop opens and drop your Bike, we will complete servicing today evening. I was not sure if he can even complete the servicing till evening and It will be a third visit wasted for picking up the Bike as well. I have called up the owner once again and requested him , But he remained rigid on his talk. He told me to visit the Bike station after 10 days.

    I waited for 30 Minutes till 10:30 AM and his technician came and told me that wait for 10 Min. I will complete servicing.I waited till 10:45 , Once the Owner arrived the Shop , he stared firing me and talking in rude language. He told me that I told you once why you are waiting, You are trying to irritate me. “Hai don’t stay here go back” .
    This talk was really embarrassing, as I was not beggar, I was requesting a service for Pricey bike which Firefox shop has committed. I told the shop keeper that If this is the kind of treatment I will get I will not recommend FireFox bike to my friend.

    He rudely answered that “I don’t care , If any one wants to purchase it, they will , I don’t care.

    I am not sure if this is the treatment I am receiving now, I need to wait for roughly 17 days for servicing , when I will really have an Issue with Bike , It will take 6 Months of time.

  12. I purchased a Fire Fox Viper cycle from the Fire Fox station on G.C Avenue (Kolkata) on the 11th of October 2012. I visited the Firefox station on a day earlier (on 10/10/2012) to find out the prices and also the models available within my budget. I was greeted by the manager Mr. Mohd. Tanveer and technician Rao. I was impressed by the machine and decided to go in for one. I made the full payment on the 10th of October 2012 which was a Wednesday. Since I take delivery anything of high value on a Thursday, I requested Tanveer to deliver the cycle on Thursday, 11th of October. Since G.C. Avenue is a very congested place I requested that they deliver the cycle at home. They readily agreed and informed me that I would have to pay the taxi fare to transport the cycle. Tanveer further informed me that the cycle would be delivered to me by 1300 hrs. on the next day. I took this with a pinch of salt since in India promises are made to be broken, I reconciled my self to an 8 p.m. delivery. At 5 minutes to 1pm the door bell rang. I was the technician Rao with a brand new Fire Fox Viper. I was a NRI for a long time and am used to punctuality. And this was really was good service. Rao is a very good technician and has the answers to all technical issues regarding the cycle. I then decided to go in for some accessories. So i rang up Tanveer and told him that I needed some accessories and that these too would have to be home delivered. Tanveer gave me a date and time and as sure as sun light these too arrived on the date and time promised – except for the speedometer and the odometer. These Tanveer has promised will be delivered to me on 27/10/12. But it is Eid on the 27th I think that Tanveer will not be able to keep his promise on the 27th.
    The cycle is very good and I use it quite a lot. So far I have not had any problems. But it is too early to say how it will perform as it gets older.
    One discordant note though, Pre Delivery Inspection was not done. I would request Fire fox that PDI must be done before any delivery.

  13. Hi Davis,

    I am planning to buy the firefox kompact folding bicycle and wanted to know if there are any issues w.r.t. folding of the bike ? I was told by the shopkeeper that if I fold regularly then it might get spoilt in few months ? is this true?

    I really want to buy this model but a bit concerneed about this issues. It was really be helpfull if you can share your experience about Firefox Kompac. Look forward to hear on kalpitashar@gmail.com.

    Thanking You.


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