I'm Shree Kumar, just Shree to my friends. I am a software engineer by profession, and an engineer by disposition.

I am the proud creator of Kite, the World's first & only Open Hardware Android Smartphone. Check it out on our official page. For a deep dive of the same, I have setup a project page on HACKADAY.IO.


I enjoy programming(especially 3D graphics), riding cycles, photography, and playing-the-chef (in that order). My other hobbies include trekking, zipping around on my motorbike, playing computer games(long time since I played one!), making noises on the harmonica (I'm a member of The Harmonica Club, Bangalore) and keyboard, and calligraphy. Of late, I've been indulging in inline skating as well. Now, if all that seems a lot to you, then be warned : I'm always looking at diversifying further !

Look out for links to my long rides on the right hand side of this blog. Most of the content on this website is devoted to my most visible hobby, riding cycles. I expect that to change someday.

I'm also the author of the Parallel Compositing Library, and more recently VizStack (yes, these are part of my day job 🙂 )

Feel free to browse around & enjoy!

-- Shree

If you need to contact me, then here are your options :

Email : shree.shree AT gmail.com.
Mobile : +91 94498 35848
Networks : LinkedIn

A request: If you have a general cycling question, I'd recommend you post it in a cycling forum like BikesZone Cycling Forum. The benefit of posting in a forum is that you get to see multiple perspectives(including mine in many cases), plus it reduces some work for me. Some sample general cycling questions are "which cycle should I buy ? who ride around ? can I join too ?"... Remember to look around in the forums before posting !