Grand Reunion :-)

I'll explain the title in a moment, but before I do, let me post my regular apologies. I haven't been posting anything for quite sometime. For now, I can't do much other than saying sorry. The lack of updates has a lot to do with my work at office. I haven't been cycling much of late, but it is time I started again.

December is approaching fast. The region of my trip has been decided already. It will be KP & me this time. We are touring the North-East this year! Hopefully we will be able to cover Bhutan as well. Overall, we have about 22 days. The terrain will mean that I will have to train a bit (that means to say quite a lot). I plan to start training shortly. I am really excited about this trip. I am soon going to start a new page for this & more details will be known soon 😉

Now, back to the title. I did my schooling till the seventh standard in Delhi Kannada School. After that, I had to shift to Karnataka. Needless to say, I lost touch with all my schoolmates in the process.

Quite a while back, I tried to find a few of my primary school chums on Orkut. I didn't succeed. But others did. Sometime ago, I got a scrap from Guruprasad Kini. I remembered the name. I was surprised, excited and happy. We met yesterday and had a long chat.

Initially I had mixed feelings about meeting a school chum after such a long time. You know, much can happen in 17 years. I hoped it wouldn't turn out anything like "After 20 years" 😉 We spent a good 90 minutes chatting about the good old days. Guru seemed to remember a lot more than I did & I am only hoping that I can recollect the old faces & events soon...

I find this quite amazing. As Guru said time and again, it's a small world! And it is getting smaller all the time. Thanks to Guru, I have already got in touch with Appu, Sachin, Chetak, Balaji and Ravi. We are planning to start a community soon to remember the grand old days. And, if you are from DKS and happen to be a classmate, please please do get in touch!

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