Ride to Yogavana Hills, Bannerughatta

Three of us (Manohar, Harsha and me) had a good ride last Saturday (10th June).

We got together at the Kanakapura Road-Outer Ring road junction at 6:30 AM. We had nothing particular in mind. I was keen that we go a bit on Kanakapura road, take a diversion towards Bannerghatta road and then return back home. I had imagined a 3-4 hour ride at the most. Manohar had a few destinations in mind - but he opined that most of them would result in much shorter rides.

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Weekend Ride

Bangalore's weather has taken a pleasant turn nowadays. Ideal conditions for cycling.

And off late, I have been trying to look around Bangalore. Cycling on the rural roads beats cycling on highways hands down, any day. No horns, great scenery, quite a bit of shade make for really pleasant rides.

On Sunday(28th May) we had a really good ride. "We" meaning me, my friend Krishnaprasad(henceforth KP) and an Aussie friend, Wayne Lewis. To introduce my co-riders: KP is a Software Engineer at Phillips. Passionate about cycling. He has done a few long distance rides himself - notably Pune to Kanyakumari and Kanyakumari to Trichy. Cycles regularly, and we ride together regularly. Wayne is Commisioner to India representing the State of Victoria (Australian Govt). Cycling runs in his blood. He is a former bike racer, has won many races, etc. More than anything else, he is remarkably fit. At 55 years of age, he rides fast and makes us "youngsters" huff and puff!

I met Wayne on Inner Ring Road at 6 AM and we proceeded to the Sarjapur Road-Inner Ring Road junction. Krishnaprasad joined us at this point and the fun began...

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