This page has forever been "under construction" 🙂

I'm a free-software enthusiast. As part of my job at Hewlett-Packard, I do many things for the new VizStack project. I also wrote major chunks of the Parallel Compositing Library (unfortunately, I don't work on that at the moment). I have worked on many projects, making small, but useful contributions, most recently to WordMobi. Courtesy FOSS.IN(and it's previous avatar, the Linux Bangalore conference), I got a few chances to speak about some of my work as well. I have given a few talks at a few colleges as well, and count those as some of my interesting experiences !

The rest of this page is of historical relevance...

I had initially thought that putting photos on a website is difficult compared to posting source code. Now, I beg to differ. (true since 2005!)
For starters, you can download and enjoy my old Rubik 3D game.

Snapshot of Rubik 3D

Click here to download Windows Binaries. This program is not very graphics-heavy, and runs satisfactorily with even older on-board graphics support.

This program is around a couple of years old. Source of the program will be available soon. But if you want to have a look before I upload it here, just send me a mail.

I have quite a few items to post on this page, eg the scripts to create the GPS trails that I use everywhere on my site. Many of my older programs are gathering dust on my hard drive at home and I am sure they'd appreciate a whiff of fresh air.