Improved support from Firefox

I had referred to a cracked frame on my Firefox Viper in a previous post.

Here is how the crack looked like :

And how (rather when) did the crack happen ? The day after our Bannerghatta ride.

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Ride to Yogavana Hills, Bannerughatta

Three of us (Manohar, Harsha and me) had a good ride last Saturday (10th June).

We got together at the Kanakapura Road-Outer Ring road junction at 6:30 AM. We had nothing particular in mind. I was keen that we go a bit on Kanakapura road, take a diversion towards Bannerghatta road and then return back home. I had imagined a 3-4 hour ride at the most. Manohar had a few destinations in mind - but he opined that most of them would result in much shorter rides.

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Around the world – Sailing!

Dee Caffari is the "first woman in history to have sailed single-handed, non-stop around the world against prevailing winds and currents".

She did it in 178 days 3 hours 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Amazing adventure! Extremely well presented here.

More links:
1. The overview page
2. Dee's Journey - day by day - highly recommended!