Presenting – Kite, Open Hardware Android Smartphone!


I have been away for a long while. Looking back, I can see that my last post corresponds to the last elections. I had developed a writer's block... which seems to be now wearing off - writing stuff on HACKADAY.IO has woken up the writer in me again!

Here I am announcing Kite, World's first & only Open Hardware Android Smartphone! Kite is a kit of parts with which you can put together your own smartphone. The case/enclosure is 3D printed, giving you a lot of creative control & possibilities.

Unlike a regular smartphone, Kite gives you a lot of choices: you can add electronics, change batteries, modify the casing and even the use your own antennas!

It is great for startups, hobbyists, folks who want to imagine the future, creative chaps, students. Kite celebrates freedom !

Kite is my quest of the last three years. I am raising funds to get it to everyone through Kickstarter! Watch this video now:

Now the ask: $1 (~70 rs) for thanks, $5 (~270 rs) for name, $25 (~1650) for learning and $274+shipping for enlightenment. Back my campaign on Kickstarter now: "Kite: Make your own Smartphone"

I seek your help to make this a reality. Do back this project. You can also help by sharing it with your friends in social media!

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Beat the Power Cut

You might have read the newspaper reports on unscheduled power cuts that have been planned. That affects us Bangaloreans too!

Few go for inverters, but many people resort to rechargeable lights. And these are available at reasonable prices. But hey wait, many people nowadays have computers at home and most of them buy a UPS too. Is it possible to use the UPS the same way as an inverter ? I had mulled over this fact for quite sometime, and had enquired with an electrician too. He had replied that tubelights will not work with the power supply given out by the UPS. However, he had opined that CFLs should work.