Ride on till Porbandar

Oct 8: Nothing much for today. Had the earliest start of the tour : 6 AM to be precise. The weather is cool and riding is pleasant. The surroundings are changing as I make my way towards Porbander. Coconut trees and greenery everywhere. 50 kms go by pretty quick - by 9:30.

After breakfast, things go bad again. A strong headwind and sun come back in contention as tormentors. Nothing much really to talk about the day. Another one of suffering... I slept more under the Banyan trees and drunk more water that I can keep track of.

Finding a lodge in Porbandar turned out to be a big problem. Most of them didn't seem to be interested in keeping my bicycle secure, and that was not OK by me. Finally, I settled on one of the filthier guest houses. Double room at 150 rupees. Bicycle inside. Crappy room, but well, who cares.

I was awaiting for the interesting things to happen tomorrow. Porbandar is not a place with too many tourist attractions. The big one : Mahatma Gandhi's house. There's a temple that has something to do with kuchela, but I'm going to skip all that anyway...

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