Disabled commenting on the Firefox threads


I have closed the following threads for comments : Buy Firefox at your own risk and Improved Support from Firefox.

Why? I had posted them based on my experiences, and to raise awareness about issues. And I believe the posts fulfilled their objective. They were not intended to be a forum to support firefox, problems with their bikes, which bike is suitable for you to buy, etc etc. It's frankly becoming a pain for me to manage these threads, which are much deviating from their original purpose. So instead of spending time moderating threads, I've decided to close these.

If you are interested in cycling, or are looking around for people to ride with, want to ask questions related to cycles and cycling, then please consider joining a cycling forum like BikesZone Cycling Forum. Of course, I am open to questions too (look at the About page for contact info).

Finally, thanks to all those who read & posted comments !

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