Buy Firefox at your own risk!

I really wanted to title this post "Don't buy Firefox", but it hasn't come to that yet.

I had recently purchased the Viper from Firefox Bikes. See my earlier post about the same.

Firefox says that its cycles are "designed in UK and manufactured in Taiwan to the highest international standards". That seems true. So where are the flaws ? One word : Service! I was always wary of the service that I would get once I purchased the bike - and recent developments have proved that my gut feeling was right.

In a recent email to me, Vivek Sharma (of Firefox Bikes) had claimed that "our mechanics are well trained for these imported bikes". Blatant lie, that. When I purchased the bike, Hemant Shah (?), the propreitor(?) of Firefox Bike Station (CMH Road, Bangalore) had assured me that I would get spares in a week.

One thursday, about two weeks ago, I noticed that the front gears weren't shifting to my satisfaction and decided to investigate. In all these three years of cycling, I hadn't played mechanic. I disengaged the gear wire from the shifter and turned the screws a bit. When it came to connecting back the gear wire, I was at a loss. I hadn't noticed how it was fastened in the first place - a cardinal sin for a mechanic. I ended up cutting a majority of the strands of the gear wire - making it close to unusable. It was time to get a replacement...

So on saturday, I dutifully went to CMH Road (12 kms away from my home). I asked the mechanic to change the gear wire. He said it wasn't available and asked me to come on sunday. Next day, when I went there he said "did you say you will come today". I wasn't happy but told him to keep it ready as early as possible. He promised to have it ready on monday. Another futile trip!

I had other work - so I couldn't go to Firefox bikes till last friday. This time he had the gear wire ready. At 300 bucks, the gear wire was pricey. The "trained" mechanic made several futile attempts at pushing in the new gear wire. Sensing his problem, I suggested that maybe he should remove the front grip shift and try. He needed an allen key to remove the front grip shift - which he didn't have!!! The mechanic resorted to hammering the grip shift, with no results. I was shocked at this. On close examination, I found that the covering of the shifter was torn. I was livid at this. I pointed this out to Gautam (who was running the show at Firefox) and demanded a replacement for the grip shift. He didn't seem very keen to solve the problems and was concentrating on his other potential customers. He placated me saying that he would have everything ready, come tomorrow. So I rode back home. Next day, I was back. To my chagrin, they still didn't have an allen key to do the job! Gautum asked for "two minutes" to fix the issue. I pointed out that there was no way that was possible - since they didn't even have the tools for the job! I even told him that, if this state of affairs continued, I might be forced to speak to his other customers about this kind of service. He placated me saying that he would have everything ready, come tomorrow. So I retuned back home - without the cycle... Next day I came back again and the cycle was ready - but surprise - the grip shift was still torn! Not to be undone, Gautam has promised me a replacement in a few days. Don't know how many days that will take.

Overall story : 5 visits (over 5 days) to the Firefox shop to get a gear wire replacement. Gear wire replaced, grip shifter torn. Awaiting replacement for that now 🙁

I intend to approach the consumer court for further such deficiency of service occurences.

These guys sell bikes priced in the range 10k-25k and don't even have the basic tools to repair the bikes! And any fool can make out that they haven't even cared to give basic training to their mechanics. Just imagine, a mechanic at a shop selling pricey bikes who is unable to change even a gear wire! I don't even want to talk about the professionalism of the company. It is high time we consumers take note of such things.

Moral of the story : if you are planning to buy a Firefox, think again...

NB: Service is improving. Have a look at this too : http://www.shreekumar.in/?p=18

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  1. Dear Riders,


    We in Firefox Bikes always try to bring in some hot bikes for riders. Whether is road,Track or Mountains.
    Recently we have launched Trek’s Madone 5.2, which attracted much media attention in Auto Expo 08 in Delhi. This was for Road lovers.

    We have also launched a excellent mountain bike called Trek Fuel Ex-8 .
    The all new Fuel Ex-redefining the capabilities of the trail bike, offering the comfort, versatility and control trail riders demand for all-day conditions riding. With the most effective suspension system under high speed braking optimized for use with the custom-tunes Fox air shock the Fuel EX may truly be the ultimate trail bike.

    Any interested rider can get in touch with us and we will provide him the complete specification of the bike. we have the bike in our Delhi showroom at Lajpat Nagar. (011-41728067)

    Sandeep Sinha
    HOD Sales and Operations
    Firefox bikes India

  2. Dear Riders,


    We are one of the co-sponsors of the Khanchendzonga Mountain Biking Event( Sikkim Mountain event) which is to be held from 3rd March to 13th March in Sikkim.
    A 10 day Thrilling Experience

    Total Price money in different categoty- USD 25000

    Details on-www.sikkimadventures.com or registration@sikkimadventures.com

    Sandeep Sinha
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  3. Hi ,

    What do you guys say about Hercules Ryders AV101. I have not seen this bike even in the showroom Any one has ridden this bike and whats your experience about this bike?


  4. Hi Shree,

    Can you please suggest .


  5. hi, Lalith

    Bike looks good but every thing is hidden. they have not said which shimano components they are using. Shokers are of whcih company and what is the play in it. By image it looks thst it has got a disc brake but not written in their specification.

    not sure about this bike will let you know more as we get some market feedback on this bike.


  6. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for the reply. I have searched lots of shops in Bangalore and could not find an assembled one in any of the shops. I will be checking some more shops today and post it on this site.


  7. Hi Sandy,

    What do you say about LA – SOVEREIGN (www.la-sovereign.com) cycles.


  8. Hi,

    What do u want to know about that Brand. I have an idea but i do not want to go into those kinds of details. If u have some specific bike of this brand then let me know along with your req. i will try to suggest you better in Firefox Bikes of Trek.

    Sandeep Sinha

  9. Hi Sandy,

    I have bought the following cycle for 11.5K http://www.la-sovereign.com/popup.php?qry=22&color=1
    Its a light weight and good looking cycle. I can’t tell anything about the performance since I bought it yesterday.


  10. Hi,
    I will be waiting for your comments on this bike. Let me know the Model of the bikes that u have bought. i just want to know how the bike performs to the company norms and claims.


  11. congrats lalith ! hows the bike goin? did u try some offroadin or stunts? if anyone knows any other such high quality brands in india, please let me know . wud love to really have some choices before i decide on firefox.

  12. hey guys!

    it is just awesome to find so many fellow cyclists! I always knew there would be more like me:-)

    I have a group for Cyclists on facebook, if you guys like please feel free to join and we can share our cycling experiences!


    Thanks a lot to Shree for this blog,i see it has helped many individuals !

    guys keep pedaling and stay cool!


  13. Hi
    i’m lookin for a front rim for my firefox viper,met with an accident and screwed up the front rim(i can’ b’lieve that an all terrain mountain bikes rim went for a toss at a mere speed of 30kmph,really upset with the quality of the rim). i’m searching or an alloy rim which ‘ed survive gud jumps,if anybody can help me in finding the rim i’ll really appreceiate it.

  14. dhru,
    what is the problem. Mail me at sandeepkumar@firefoxbikes.com

    i will wait for your reply on my mail

    country Manager
    Firefox Bikes India

  15. Anyone hear about TI’s Hercules AV MAX 101? Any opinions to share?
    I saw the bike at the BSA GO outlet on Velachery Bypass in chennai, and liked how it felt and behaved. Its tig-welded AL alloy, has a Shimano 21 speed click-shift system, a front disc, front sprung suspension, rigid rear, and overall seems like a good tight package for the Rs 12500 asking price. Would the gurus here recommend a buy?

  16. Hey Guys,

    I’am planning for a leh-Ladakh road trip in August and planning to pick up a good bicycle for the same. Any recommendations from the ardent-experienced bikers. I stay in Hyderabad and willing shell out a decent sum (15k or so). Let me leverage on your expereince friends. Please let me know a viable option.



  17. Its not just Firefox, in India, after-sales support is the worse in the world!
    Shopkeepers still have the view that the only thing they need to do is sell, go out and sell, there is absolutely NO customer loyalty or anything. The people employed are half trained, if trained at all. And if you face a problem with your product, god save you, they don’t have components, they are clueless and the techniques they employ, like hammering in the case mentioned above, you are left for nothing.
    I am planning to buy one, quality is good, everything looks fine, but I have my doubts about service and support.

  18. Hi,

    Can anyone suggest where I can buy Raleigh bicycles in Mumbai?

    I am looking for something that I can use on a general basis, even take to office if necessary.

  19. Hi, Saju
    How are you? I am sandeep (Country Head for Firefox Bikes in India). Though i am from Firefox but i will help you. U can go to the Hypercity in Malad and u can find Raleigh, there. but before u go there we have a franchise showroom in Malad and a co-ownwd showroon in Nerul. Have a look on our bikes. i will not compare our bikes to Releigh. Just Judge yourself.


  20. hi ppl.. i just bent the rear rim of a firefox FFXdart2.6 which my friend got last week.. couldnt believe it! i expected it to be a lil more stronger for a bike which costs arnd 6500.. i had just pulled a stoppie n turned the bike [forgot the name of the trick] which i used to do on my BMX n hercules MTB a lot but never bent a single rim.. i felt so bad for him.. just hope the nerul’s ‘not so friendly lady’ showroom helps him out ..

  21. Hi,
    There are some bike which is not for stunt and jumps . I do not know the way the stunt was performed on this bike,but i am sure this is not a fault of a particular model i am not saying this becoz i work for Firefox. Even Dart model has been very popular and being appreciated all over ,this is probably the first complaint.
    Anyways if you have any problem at our Nerul Shop let me know at 09910952220.

    Sandeep Sinha
    Country Manager
    Firefox Bikes

  22. hello,

    Anyone hear about TI’s Hercules AVi 101
    I saw the bike at the BSA GO outlet in delhi, and liked how it felt and behaved. Its tig-welded AL alloy, has a Shimano 21 speed click-shift system, a front disc, but was suprised by v brakes at rear??front sprung suspension was good, rigid rear, and overall seems like a good tight package for the Rs 12900 asking price.

    People let me know…planning to buy one !!


  23. hi amey, do check out LA-SOVEREIGN and FIREFOX before u buy.. what front fork does it use? LA has rockshox ..

  24. Hi Friends,
    I want to buy Cycle in Pune. I was going through FireFox website I found that “FireFox Camelot” is impressive cycle with innovative folding technique and it’s lightweight too, just 9kg. Can anyone please suggest me how is that bike? Is it really worth to spend 7.5k on this?
    Do you see any issues/problem with this bike?

    Thanks & Regards,
    – Sujit

  25. Hi Sujit,
    How r u doing? As far as the problem is concerned in the “Camelot”. Forget it. Its a problem free bikes.When we launched this bike in India we were the first to promote problem free folding bike. but the success rate was not so great. we sold this bike only to those who knew its advantage. we never expected the masses to follow. we sold max.. number of bikes to foreigners….

    If u feel that your need would require this bike then go ahead and buy.
    Do let me know at sandeepkumar@firefoxbikes.com. I will be more happy to help you out.
    Sandeep Sinha
    Country Manager
    Firefox Bikes ,India

  26. Hi ,

    i am interesting to buy a simple bike with few gears and suspention. My budget between 5 to 7 K . Please give your siggestion


  27. Hello Sandeep,

    Its great to see you supporting firefox cycles in an open forum. But it’d be better to have a forum at firefoxbikes.com itself where present and future customers can voice their opinions, suggestions and problems. It’d be a one stop place properly arranged and better than here as blog comments are quite tedious to follow when they run so large.


  28. hi netesh,

    Thank u for ur great suggestions, well i decided upon LA-Sovereign (Spectrum alloy),good one but ya this one doesn’t have rock shock..those ones are costlier bikes …22,000k well, this i found worth its 11,500k….but look wise i liked AV-101…it has longer front shox , and alloy…only missing is rear disc brakes..but it cost cheaper then LA..its around 10,500k at dealer, but ya u can fit disc brake later….but, i opted for LA its quite nice though and quite functional..with rear clip for easy assembly…etc.Well, its worth.

    Thank u

  29. Hi Sandy,

    Well, i went through ur letter …u bought similar bike…LA-SOVEREIGN…spectrum alloy. ur using it now and it might be 3 months old ,can u tell me about its performance….planning to buy one…and ya need a comparison with AV101 of BSA.


  30. Hi Sandy,

    Well, i went through ur letter …u bought similar bike…
    LA-SOVEREIGN…spectrum alloy. ur using it now and it might be 3 months old ,can u tell me about its performance….planning to buy one…and ya need a comparison with AV101 of BSA.


  31. Hello Sandeep,

    I had visited a firefox showroom today in mumbai. I had seen Tempest model. It costs around 7200 + 400 for mud guards + 400 for number lock. HOW is the performance. Is it a reasonable deal.

    I am looking for simple bike to use on weekends.

    Please advice.



  32. Folks, I’m closing this thread folks. For reasons, look at this post. So no more commenting. Feel free to read through the thread, though. Thanks!

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