Welcome the Viper

Flash news : on Sunday, my impulses got the better of me. I gave in to temptation and bought the Viper. Can't help remembering the words of an IBM executive here:

People buy by impulse and justify with reason.

I won't do that, I promise ! Before I get into the pros and cons, a few pictures:

The pros first :
1. Aluminium frame
2. Front and Back Disk Brakes for reliable braking, even in wet conditions. Hopefully lesser maintenance needed.
3. Front Shock Absorbers
4. Grip Shifters. Especially the front grip shifter is a joy to use - one tick changes the front gear. Couldn't get any better than this?
5. Double walled rims.
6. Great looks 🙂

The cons:
1. Cost me 13,816 rupees!
2. Side stand at the wrong place - not very convenient.
3. Difficult to fit a carriage. Stock bike does not come with even bells, forget mudguard !

You might as well ask me : how does it compare to the Thunder ? The Viper has high quality components. The finishing is very good too. The disk brakes don't seem to provide any better braking power than the cantilever brakes of the Thunder.

My honest opinion : if you want value for money (read: functionality at a low price), buy the Thunder (at 5500 or so bucks you get an aluminium bike). If you want some jazz, and don't mind paying a bomb, you know what to do !

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  1. Oh man that cycle is sexy!
    I wish I could afford one right now :(, still using Hercules MTB.
    Congrats!(filled with jealous) 😉

  2. Cool buddy. Hope you will tire this cycle out by making long runs. did you get it fitted with the gauges for speed or odometer.

    Carrier is important for people like us who want to get the cycle used for communicating to the office.

    How is the seat…asusual pricking?

  3. Nope, I haven’t fit it with any meters. I intend to use my GPS whenever I want stats.

    Due to the back disk brake, I can’t fit a normal carrier. Will need to bend rods, etc. I have asked my mechanic to do something for it.

    Same for the mudguard. Firefox sells what they call “fenders”. My Hero WOW has similar mudguards which don’t guard mud from splashing onto my clothes. So I am thinking of getting the normal mudguards fixed onto the Viper. It will destroy the looks – but hey, the monsoon is near!

  4. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog very recently. Very interesting writings about your cross country bike trips. I am looking at getting a cycle for the purposes of daily use and travel (a lil later). You have mentioned the Thunder here. Where do I get info about the same ? Also any other brands that I should look at and where ? Any pointers would be appreciated. My email id is with you. Looking fwd to hearing from you. Thanks.

  5. MAN THAT CYCLE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!! i bought one a week ago and it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. please can some one give me info about a hero DTB

  7. Go to a Hero showroom and have a look!
    Click on the link in Hero’s website : http://herocycles.com/boyz.html

  8. seems to be quite interesting….. there are other brands available here in mumbai too, called raleigh bikes also from uk, but they are priced higher then firefox. i was interested in firefox too…. seems to be a neat bike, but now i have second thoughts.

  9. hey I have a hero Thunder too and the U Brakes suck !! But you seem to be having no such issues with yours. Makes me wonder, if I have not set it up correctly !!!

  10. its nothing but waste man!!! i was about to buy it and i thought of any indian one’s. there is one right now cheap and best…. and you said its 13000 but when i went for it last week it was costing me 19000.. its waste of money to spend in india..

  11. Kuvalesh : From a personal point of view, I beg to disagree about the “waste” part. Whether you decide to spend that much on a cycle depends very much on your needs and constraints. I’ve brought it very much from a utility point of view. Of course, your are welcome to have your own opinions.

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  14. Any views abt Octane 26T and its cost?

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  19. I am looking for a utility sports cycle something like a firefox but a little bit cheaper any suggestions otherwise this blog is really informative

  20. hey man no big deal.even i have an awesm mtb so u don’t need to show off.i have modified my bike into a hybrid bike by putting a motor and a battery.so fuck off

  21. It was very informative to go through the content. I am looking for a good bicycle for my son who is 16 years old 5’10”, well built and presently have hero atb/mtb bicycle. Earlier we had bsa mech 1, but all these cycles have maintenance problems on brakes, carrier and side stand. So this time i want to buy one reputed good brand (Indian or international). Please suggest a bike not very expensive for going to school, tutions etc. Also suggest the size as well. I have also seen some chineese cycles on http://www.fine-fine.com. Any update on this shall be helpfull.

  22. Hi,

    Thanks a lot Shree, Your detailed blog really helps. I am beginner in cycling and I wanted to buy firefox , now I am plannig either Thunder or Octane. I am not planning any mountain biking just some small trips and daily commuting… any suggestions on this would be helpful as to which one (Thunder or Octane or any other suitable model) is better for me.

  23. Sir
    I would like to by a viper bycycle kinldy let me know the show room at
    chennai & Banglore (India)


  24. i’ve got one too. darker colour,with a shimano tourney gear system,and fitted a light and a speedometer guess what,it’s a year old today.

  25. Reda your this as well as post indicating problems faced while getting gear shaft replaced. I basically hail from pune. We have multiple shops at pune with similar cycle bandwidth. I bought a raleigh cycle. (huh. the name which i heard for the first time in the life) I opted for it as that was the lightest cycle available. I have to carry it upto third floor where I stay in the apartment. I am really concerned of the accessories. Even I 2nt know whether Mudguards, Carriers are available for the cycle or not.

  26. hi this is saif from delhi khanpur, if any one sale viper bike so reply me on my site

    thanx for read and reply me

  27. Hey Friends, i m sushil from pune.i want to buy a bike my friend suggested me firefox but after reading “Buy firefox at own risk” i m confused to go for what brand. at present i can afford 6k-8k for a bike. plsssssssssssss suggest me some thing and help me to getout with this confusionnnnnnnnnnnnn………

  28. Hi shree,
    I’m planning on buying a cycle and i’m no expert in riding of figuring out which one’s the best. My purpose is to commute and burn a few extra pounds off my belly. The ones I’ve shortlisted so far are (in the order of priority), Schwinn, Firefox, Trek.
    I figured Trek is by far the best but you know what the catch is. Schwinn is good while it’s also not too expensive. Firefox is definitely not expensive and comes with a lot of features which gets me a bit dubious about its quality. So, I would be grateful if you helped me out a bit…. My budget is 12 – 18 k… Thanks

  29. I didn’t notice the notify checkbox.. I’m checking it now..

  30. that cycle is just awesome i luv it i just bought it and u have bought the much older version which sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I purchased a FireFox Viper cycle from your G. C. Avenue (Kolkata). Superb service by the staff comprising of Mohd. Tanveer (Manager) and Rao (technician). Very courteous and competant. Met all delivery deadlines.
    Excellent cycle, but too early to comment since it is new.

    If I were to grade you I would give you 9.5 out of 10.

  32. Whats the actual price friends????????

  33. i got that cycle very sexy n dashing that was….. so nw i love it lottttttttt…….

  34. Hi..lovely review!!
    I had used Hercules Atom for about 2 years and was planning to upgrade to this due to its light weight…please can u give long time ownership opinion on Sniper V…? Thanks in advance!

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