Browser Issues Fixed!

Got news from Manohar that my webpage wasn't showing anything! He was using Internet Explorer. I had to fix my first post on the North-East Blog to correct the problem...

Please click here to access all pictures, stories and GPS tracks from the Tour!

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  1. This is amazing. Some interesting adventures and very well written.

    Came across mention of your blog on Couchsurfing.com of which I am an active member. I am from the north-east and a cycling enthusiast. Been trying to find folks to cycle around with in Bangalore but somehow drew a blank each time. Are you from Bangalore and if you are, could you tell me how to get in touch with the cycling community here? I am so looking forward to going on a cycling tour sometime soon.

    Hurray to pedal power!

  2. Eva,

    We have an active bikers community in Bangaloer. Please become a member of the BikesZone cycling forum (http://cycling.bikeszone.com). I hang out there, and so do many others!

    — Shree

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