All content from “Tour of North East” is online!

At last 🙂 By "content", I mean - Pictures, GPS tracks and Stories. For more details, please click here.


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  1. Hi shree, i am extremely sorry to respond late after enjoying your cycling trip word by word. It was a fascinating experience reading your sojourn to me and to my son. I used to read it from my mobile till he sleep everyday. As we could not get more details from mobile we used north-east map to familiarize with the names of places. While reading my wife suddenly recalled some of the places her father used to work.
    She recallled the exotic names of theensukia,dimapur to where she used to write letters to father.

    thank you very much for giving such a wonderful experience. And also inform our regards to KP who has given a wonderful company. What a pair.

  2. Hi Lakshminarayana,

    I am very happy to read your experiences with our blog – thanks for sharing them!

    KP did most of the writing this time, so he deserves most of your thanks 🙂

    Any suggestions you might have towards improving the site layout/content would be most welcome…

    — Shree

  3. Hi Shree and KP,

    you guys are amazing. i got a bike 2 months ago and am enjoying and am thrilled just taking it a little off road – most I did was 8-10 km.

    and look at u guys!.

    u guys r doing something with ur lives on earth – we are wasting it.

    I took a look at some pics and one satellite pic – and u just experienced heaven and are back.

    I have a question: what glue (rubber adhesive) can i use to repair puncture at home? (rks_tennis@yahoo.com)

    thanks and best of luck !

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