Delhi-Agra Trip

I was in Delhi recently. I was attending LinuxAsia, "Asia'a Premier Open Source Conference & Expo".

The conference was from 8th to 10th. HP (my employer) was the platinum sponsor and that meant that we had to show some demos at the commercial expo. Frankly, I prefer FOSS.IN anyday (Include the disclaimer here : the views expressed here are my own and ...). Enough said 😉

Anyway, thanks to LinuxAsia, I got to visit Delhi. The conference was held in the India Habitat Center, on Lodhi Road. The school where I finished my primary education, Delhi Kannada School, is also on the same road. I have many fond memories of Delhi and they came flooding back as I travelled on the various roads. Unfortunately, I couldn't revisit much of Delhi. I spent almost a day and a half on a visit to Agra, with a colleague. Few pics below:

Now, I am back at Bangalore. Good times have to have an end, don't you think ?

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I can see that you are a cycling enthusiast from your blog. I’m a student at the Mahindra United World College of India (www.muwic.net) and I’m also a cycling enthusiast. I was planning a trip to Goa on bicycle in March with a couple of friends. I was hoping you could help us by giving us some tips and I was also hoping that I could get hold of your contact details so that we can talk to you in person.

    Hope to hear from you.


  2. Hey the Agra silhoutte pic is fantastic.

  3. plannin to try photgraphy as an alternate profession????:))

  4. Hi Shreekumar,
    Were you in DKS during 1984-89. I remember a Shreekumar, my classmate from those days. If I am right, get back to me! If not a thousand apologies.
    Any which way, this is nice, slice-of-life site. Keep it rolling.

  5. Lovely, informative site, thanks

  6. Hello, What a beautiful and awesome site. I adore what you’ve done with your setup and graphics. Thanks you so much.

  7. that’s beautiful……………………….

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