Trek : Hosagadde-Dabbe Falls-Kanoor Fort-Gerusoppa

Eight of us (Me, Harsha, Priya, Vathsa, Krishnaprasad, Manohar, Vishnu and Dileep) had gone on a trek last weekend. The republic day weekend was thus well utilised.

This was a three day trek from Jan 27 to Jan 29. The trek route was Hosagadde-Dabbe Falls-Shaale Mane-Kanoor Fort-Doctor Mane-Gerusoppa. These places are in the vicinity of the Jog Falls. The trek was about 35 kilometers long.

Some of my favourite pictures can be seen below. Clicking on them will enlarge them in the current window itself. Click anywhere to return back! This cool functionality provided by Lightbox JS.

Other than these, I've uploaded a select set of 31 pictures here. Have a look!

The GPS based trek route is shown below (image courtesy Google Earth) .The large blue water body is the Linganamakki Reservoir (on Google Earth, try a "Fly To" with "14,75"). Move the mouse on the red dots to get more info.

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  1. HI

    I will contact you.
    I have to read the entire thing

    George Joseph

  2. Please Contact 098109 90445

    Your Mobile 09943807884 has changed ?

  3. Sorry
    It has Changed.
    Now i am in Bhutan.

    I will contact when i reach India.


  4. Nice shot of the fort you have there.
    By the way,, if you happen to go there next time, try to go to foot of the hills ,,, ie,, via the ancient check post,, you can see the old road leading from the fort,, suppose to have linked to the honnavara port.

  5. @fernando : I’ll remember to do this if I go there. That’s a big IF at the moment 😉

  6. Hey buddy it was such a nicely narrrated trek description! i found this blog while googling for kanoor fort! & i need few info did u had any guides over there? if u have any guides plz mail me their no. or any sort of Ph. No. to me plz.

    my mail id : mailbeda@gmail.com

  7. dude can u provide me road map with distance frm sagar or jog

  8. Dabbe waterfall is located near a place called Hosagadde in Sagar taluk. On the road from Sagar to Bhatkal, Hosagadde lies at a distance of about 20 km from the town of Kargal. From Hosagadde a walk of 6-8 km into the forest, leads one to Dabbe Falls. It is on the way to Bhatkal from Sagar via Talaguppa and Kargal, which is famous for the Jog falls.

    Ravis Adda

  9. dude please can u guide currently. this is our first trip. so please help on this. we r egad to see dabbe falls.

  10. how many days we can stay over there. and what all we can cover.

  11. i mean to see all the near by places over there. 9535097217. i want to know i detail about dabbe falls.

  12. The best time to go there is in Jan. After Feb, it becomes dry & hot. It is less scenic. Once it rains, the leaches are there almost till nov- dec. The path also becomes slippery. Try to go in groups, after notifying authorities. Treasure hunters come and try to dig around for gold and idols. They come armed. (This is from local inhabitants there. They themselves are careful nowadays). Also please try to keep the plastic away. Lots of people throw them around. Plastic bags have resulted in the death of cows belonging to farmers & people out there.
    There are also lots of forgotten places in history in and around malnad – western ghats. ie, right from karwar-honavar-coorg-mysore. In Coorg,people are very pleasant, friendly, helpful and understand most south indian languages and english/hindi. they are also environment conscious.
    One tip for guides is to go to religious places of worship & request for guides. The advantage is you will get a responsible person to guide you.
    If you can accomodate time, this is worth seeing, built during the days of Rani Chennabairadevi, the local chieftan (most were women), who earned the respect of even portuguese and was even addressed as ‘Queen of Pepper’.

    Have a great time and cherish rich treasures of culture and heritage of the past.

  13. @Shree, please try to go again. Actually, I sighted something which looked like a fortress faraway from Sharavathi Peak, and enquired my friend, a Catholic Priest, who was traveling with me. He pointed it at history. Also, try to collect home medicines, like cocum for example. They are in plenty and are home grown, mostly. Not likely to be available commercially.

  14. Hello, I am planning to go to dabbe falls on 22-Jan from Jog. Is overnight camping allowed near Dabbe Falls? Can you please share your contact details

  15. Hi Rajesh,

    I am not sure if you will be able to camp near the Falls — not due to permission, but due to feasibility. Before you get down, you will need to make an entry at the Gowda’s house. Please enquire there.

    — Shree

  16. Hello,

    We are planning to do the same trek. We travelling as a family with Kids. Can you please give me more details over the email. Else I will call you if you share your mobile no. through email. Thanks in Advance. Aravind

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