Next Tour: Gujarat, Rajasthan & Punjab

I have all but decided on my next trip: wandering around Gujarat, Rajasthan & Punjab in October. I have the whole month. Ahmedabad (hello again!) will be the beginning of the journey. Approximately, I will take the route Lothal, Palitana, Diu, Somnath, Junagadh(maybe), Porbandar, Dwaraka, Okha. The next part is crossing over to Mandvi. travel around Bhuj. After that I'm still gazing at the map. Rajashthan has wonderful places scattered all over the place - so I'll have to choose carefully. Punjab seems to be relatively easy to decide. The Wagah border and the Golden Temple will be part of the tour. In all likelihood, I will fly back from Chandigadh.

Training for the tour has started on a rather slow note, but I have time on my side! My TODO list is still significant; it includes the bike setup, equipment and some software development to aid blogging. More updates on these as they happen.

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  1. hey nice plan, you will be riding on Hero Thunder?

  2. @Mallik : I’m looking around to buy a new bike. My thunder old, but who know I may still take it for a last tour 🙂

  3. Oh cool. Thats one thing i haven’t been able to do – bike trip over and across 400 kms…planned a lot of times…but didnt work out. Which bike u plannin on taking?

  4. @Sujay : I haven’t been able to decide yet about the bike. In all probability it will be my “deshapremi” : Thunder frame and most other things changed. See this link for more details http://cross-country-ride.blogspot.com/2007/12/bike.html. But no guarantees on the bike though.

    On a lighter not, “it’s not about the bike” 🙂

    Note to self : Upgrade software & install the “comments by email” plugin, you lazy bum !

  5. Good! So its that time of the year when Shree goes touring.
    Happy riding & Happy blogging.

  6. Thanks, Gauthaman! Hope to see more comments from you soon 😉

  7. Cool route buddy… we will keep track of your progress once you start your journey…

    Good luck and keep us all posted !

  8. Looks like you are all set Shree. Or you have already left?!!

    All the best and will track you virtually 🙂

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