Plans for Geo Blogging

I have plans to switch to Geo Blogging this time. Simply put, this means that all my posts will have a geographical location. These will then get plotted on a map, where you can an overall picture of everything. There will be an overview map on the main page that will show my trail.

I am looking for the following approximate workflow :

  1. Type in the post with lat,lon information in WordMobi.
  2. Upload the post
  3. WordPress should pick up the coordinates from the post & use it appropriately to generate the page content

I've programmed earlier using the Google Maps API to do similar things. However, this time I am looking for something that will play well with my mobile. After much searching, I have settled on the Geo Mashup plugin. A major reason for this is its support for "mobile blogging".

For those interested in the gory details, I can embed the location of the post in the post content itself. The plugin advertises this as an important feature. However, the mechanics of mobile blogging are not directly documented. After a little searching around, I've figure that it's quite easy. I need to type in a "shortcode" in the post content : "geo_mashup_save_location" with attributes "lat" and "lng".

As a test, I'm posting this from my office (latitude = 12.996394, longitude 77.688657). I'm adding this location as a shortcode, but you won't be able to see it. Not yet, but it will be there 🙂

I'm also going to modify WordMobi to add this shortcode with the proper coordinates. This should let me concentrate on touring, instead of fighting technology...

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