Ready for Geo-Blogging

I just finished adding Geo-Blogging capabilities to WordMobi. So, I can now post stories during my trip and you can see from where I posted them.

WordMobi in written in Python for S60, and runs on my E71. I use the "positioning" module to get the information from the in-built GPS. There's an option to manually enter coordinates as well. My additions add the position as a shortcode in the post. WordPress and the WordPress-Geo-Mashup plugin take care of the rest.

I've sent email to the developer of WordMobi. It would be nice to have others geo-blogging in their favourite mobile blogging application.

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  1. Hey, I am here and ready to help ! 🙂

    Question: is it necessary to sign the python interpreter for using positioning ?

  2. Good to see you here, Marcelo.

    Yes, it will be necessary to sign the python interpreter, and WordMobi as well. The “Location” capability will be needed, and perhaps “ReadDeviceData” as well. I use the python interpreter signed with “high caps” : PythonScriptShell_1.9.7_high_capas.sis.

    Signing applications for these capabilities is a problem. I’m currently running WordMobi as an application to get around the need to sign it.

  3. This is awesome. Would love to try it out

  4. @Anush: My top post at the moment is a demo. Watch out for my next post, where I’ll explain how to use this, and what changes are needed. I don’t have a completely out-of-the-box solution yet. I had to modify a line of code in the WordPress-Geo-Mashup plugin to get things working. Also, signing the application is a pain, as I’ve mentioned above. Of course, all this doesn’t really apply to developers like you, but mentioned for completeness 🙂

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