Tour postponed by two weeks

Obviously, the stars weren't right when I titled my last post "A fortnight in Rajasthan". The tour was in trouble the moment I booked the flight tickets. Work at office requires me to travel to Taiwan for a week. To be on the safer side, I am postponing my trip by two weeks. I will now be in Rajasthan from Feb 29 to March 15.

I had earlier planned to ride from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, and then take a train back to Jaipur. Due to the change in dates, I now have to account for changes in weather as well. I am told that it would be best to start from Jaisalmer now - apparently Jaisalmer can get pretty hot by mid March. So, I am not going to fly to Jaipur, and then catch a train to Jaisalmer. After that, I ride back to Jaipur.

Have I gained anything due to this schedule change ? I sneaked in a couple of extra days. Also important, I can now attend my friend Santosh Kamath's wedding and put on the much needed extra calories to burn in the desert !

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  1. Hey Sree,

    Visiting your blog after a long time. Nice to hear about your new expedition. I wish you all the best. The moment I read your last post, I remembered reading your bad experience in Gujarat :-/ Take care man.. be safe..

    My wishes are with you..

  2. Shree, maybe u can get some spares for Govindanna’s trike from Taiwan…n joy Taiwan !!! Better late than never ! Cheers

  3. @Anantha : thanks for that. Taking many precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

    @Bala : Good idea. Let me check with Govindanna. BTW, the trip may still get postponed a little more – I am still in India. I was denied boarding at the airport since my passport was due to expire in less than six months. Currently waiting for the tatkal passport. After that comes, I will have to visit Taiwan. Hope I don’t fry in Rajasthan due to the delays !

  4. All the best shree. I am eagerly waiting to hear about it. I had plans of doing something similar. Stay clear of strangers and temples 😀 All the best!

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