Off to Madhya Pradesh

Hello again ! I am off on another journey. KP(remember the tour of North-East?) and me will be touring parts of Madhya Pradesh starting TOMORROW. Reason for the : capitals, can't contain my excitement.

We will be on tour from 16th to 30th - 14 days. I am writing this sitting inside the Sampark Kranti express; we are on our way to Jhansi. Our cycles are in the luggage compartment. Starting from Jhansi, we will pedal our way to Orccha, and then to Khajuraho. Post Khajuraho, our plans are somewhat fluid. We will most likely take a bus to Indore from there. The second leg of the journey will take us to Mandy, Maheshwar, Omkareshwar, Pachmarhi, and Bhimbetka. Our return train leaves Bhopal on the 30th. We expect to ride somewhere in the range of a thousand kilometers during the tour.

No tents this time. We are carrying sleeping bags, though. So expect to stay overnight in lodges, and the odd home, and anywhere else.

So, what's different in this trip ?

We are trying to look ordinary this time. That basically means no fancy jerseys. And chappals in place of shoes. No big DSLR cameras, either. My smartphone will be firmly inside my bag. We don't want the discussion to drift to these things, especially when talking to the local people.

This is also perhaps the first time that we have pre-planned transport right in the middle of the tour. We have to do this to fit the available holidays.

KP will be riding his heavily modified Hero Thunder MTB. I will be riding my Kona Sutra.

I expect to blog about parts of this journey on a regular basis. I won't promise any frequency of updates, though. Keep checking back for updates !

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  1. All the best 🙂

  2. expecting good pictures from your Nexus 5 🙂

  3. I’d have come along Shree!

  4. good luck boss 🙂

  5. good luck shree…hope it doesn’t turn out like your Gujarat ride 😀

  6. Keshav, nanda, abhi and VN, Nitheesh: thanks for the wishes.

    I don’t think it will turn out like Gujarat this time. There are two of us 🙂

    Nanda : most of the pictures will be from the Sony Nex 7. But you should see a few from the nexus as well. I’ll let you figure out which ones are from the nexus 🙂

  7. Thank you for your article post. Much obliged.

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