Delhi-Agra Trip

I was in Delhi recently. I was attending LinuxAsia, "Asia'a Premier Open Source Conference & Expo".

The conference was from 8th to 10th. HP (my employer) was the platinum sponsor and that meant that we had to show some demos at the commercial expo. Frankly, I prefer FOSS.IN anyday (Include the disclaimer here : the views expressed here are my own and ...). Enough said 😉

Anyway, thanks to LinuxAsia, I got to visit Delhi. The conference was held in the India Habitat Center, on Lodhi Road. The school where I finished my primary education, Delhi Kannada School, is also on the same road. I have many fond memories of Delhi and they came flooding back as I travelled on the various roads. Unfortunately, I couldn't revisit much of Delhi. I spent almost a day and a half on a visit to Agra, with a colleague. Few pics below:

Now, I am back at Bangalore. Good times have to have an end, don't you think ?

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