Next Tour : Starts Oct 1

Welcome to my next journey. I'll be touring Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab for the whole of October (approximately the area marked in green below). Again on my bicycle. Starting from Ahmedabad on October 1st. More than 30 days, 3000 kms for the stat junkies.

I'll be blogging live (approximately once per day). Hopefully, you'll see better stories this time. "More experiences and insight, less data", I keep reminding myself. I'll also upload interesting pictures when I am able to.

If you are a first time visitor here, feel free to have a look at my previous journeys - the links to those are on the right hand side of this page.

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  1. All the best Shree! Looks like you are riding through Pakistan also 🙂
    Thanks to your hacking skills, we will be able to do arm chair riding.
    would like hear more of stories (specially food related ) than mileage and timings.
    enjoy maadi

  2. @Mallik: Thanks, man! And let’s hope the stories are more to your liking – I’ll change the content for sure 🙂

  3. Good luck magaa. Enjoy the ride and have a pleasant, safe tour.

  4. Wishing you all the best for the journey.

    Maaja maadi..

  5. As if you are continuing from Cross Country Arunachal-Ahmedabad trip. 😉

    May you have lots of food stop and no puncture stops.

  6. hey shree..all the best and may God be with you all thru ur trip..have a safe,cheerful and adventurous journey…will look fwd to reading ur stories:))….

  7. Good luck and best wishes.

  8. Thanks Oliva and Mahesh – and everyone else ! Its hard to keep track of everything on this mobile, so its likely I am missing some names. And I hope you’ll all have a good time reading the stories

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