The Bike

Discussions of a bike tour tend to remain incomplete without a discussion of the bike itself. In the interest of keeping the next posts interesting, let's get this detail out of the picture first 🙂 Here's a picture (click to enlarge).

My Bike

Note that this is a further modification on my bike from my previous tour.

The changes are:

  1. Local rims - both front and back. Front and rear V-brakes
  2. I'm using Thunder MTB's fork in preference over the Viper's fork
  3. Deore LX front shifter

Note the easy riding position due to the high handle bar !

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  1. The frame looks a size smaller than what you should be riding.
    Is it a 16″ frame ? (have seen you around our campus hence the question)
    Its good that the whole drive train and everything is now deore.
    Curious to know how much did it cost you for the complete upgrade ?
    – Mahesh

  2. @Mahesh : yes the frame is smaller than what I could be riding. I don’t worry much about this. I have ridden a few tours on this bike, and it suits my purposes. Well, that’s not to say I wont buy a better bike tomorrow 🙂 I dont remember the costs of the components now, sorry. But I do remember spending a lot of money on these pieces – upward of 12k IIRC.

  3. Goes on to prove that rider is more important than the ridden!

  4. There is a chance you can catch your thief if you circulate a pictures of your bike. Cyclists tend to look at other bikes carefully. It’s worth it – bike… camera… GPS… Good luck!!!

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