What’s up ? BarCamp…

Not much actually. The rains have made me lazy - the last time I rode a bicycle was a month ago. I've regained all the weight I lost during my cross-country ride. Is that reason enough to go for another ride ? I don't think so 🙂

Meanwhile, I've caught an addiction : playing Squash. Surprisingly, I have played it only thrice since Sunday. Must thank my partners Nagaraj & KK here; they keep it interesting. For a while, Snooker caught our fancy too, but that seems to be fading at the moment.

What about cycling then, you ask? We will have a session at the BarCamp this weekend. See you there !

I have proposed a couple of other sessions at Barcamp too. One on stitching panoramas & one on OpenSim/SecondLife. Here's hoping for an exciting BCB7....

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  1. good to see your post after a long time.. any techon asia work this time ? nothing from my side …

    haven’t been running for couple of weeks owing to injury… hope to be back to running and cycling soon… yeah some small treks here and there…

    Good luck to you !

  2. Hey Balu,


    Apologies for the late reply! No techcon, no running, no cycling. Just waiting for the rains to stop 🙂

    — Shree

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