Mallalli Abbi Falls

The biggest waterfall in Kodagu (Coorg) District. That's Mallalli Abbi Falls for you. 22kms away from Somwarpet, this falls is the waterfall you need to see in Coorg. Neither the Irpu falls near Ponnampete nor the Abbi Falls near Madikeri come close to the majesty of this water fall. I'll let the pictures do the talking !

Trekking enthusiasts : this is a good place to visit on the way to Hegdemane, and before you start climbing Pushpagiri.

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  1. When i visited Coorg, i thought that Abbi Water Falls is the biggest and most popular. I got the info at http://www.coorg.com/tourist_attractions.html. And it was in Madikeri. I see that one of the pictures is named ” Mallali Abbi Falls”.
    Is there any other falls with the same name ” Abbi Falls ” ?

  2. Hey Rick,

    Abbi Falls is definitely the most popular, given its proximity to Madikeri. But it’s not the biggest. The “Mallalli Abbi Falls” shown here is the biggest in Coorg. There is no other falls by the name “Abbi Falls”.

    The word “Abbi” means something in the Kodava language – I’m trying hard to remember what that is.

    — Shree

  3. Shree, you told ‘abbi’ means falls! and when I search for “Mallalli abbi falls” in google, your page comes at the top!

  4. @DCM: Technically, “Mallalli Abbi” is enough. But not for most netizens 🙂 Besides, we gotta give them some gyaan when they land in Coorg 😉

  5. @DCM: Understood the true intent of your comment just moments ago! I was reading through the sequence of comments…

  6. Abbi falls just sucks. Its totally waste of time going there. If you go by bus or tempo , you need to walk 2 kms extra as heavy vehicles are prohibited near entrance. Also the falls is not good to watch. Not allowed to play in water. Its total waste of time visiting Abbi falls. Dont visit Abbi falls if u visit Madikeri

  7. there is another fales called Abbi gundi falls in Hattihole near madikeri..
    Malalli falls is in somwarpet and i agree that malalli is the best water fall in coorg compared to iruppu or Abbi falls..

  8. mallalli abb is named locally.. Actually its called KUMARADHARA FALLS.

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