And this year I’m travelling to …

You won't believe this - nowhere ! I have more leaves this year than any other. 15 days to be precise, from Dec 20 to Jan 4. But not going anywhere.

Several commitments are keeping me away from my bohemian ways this December, but that's not the real reason I'm not going anywhere. The real reason is simply that I'm planning something next year - a long ride in North India. Where to I known not.

Meanwhile, what will you read ? The Tour of Nilgiris is one option. It is nothing like my idea of touring and passes through the Nilgiris but three days (surprised?). But a couple of people will be blogging about it for sure - so you're promised daily doses. It's amazing how an idea of a joy ride has now turned out into a fully organized tour with seven sponsors/partners (anyone knows the difference between these?). Ravi Ranjan and others (raise your hands, I don't see them 🙂 ) have done a very good job of promoting this for sure! But first, they believed in it...

If you, for some reason, want a daily dose of stories to read, then please excuse me this year. Instead, tune into the Tour of Nilgiris.

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  1. Happy to meet you buddy.

  2. Don’t tell me it was recession 🙂

    wishing you a good year ahead !


  3. @Thejesh : Same to you too !

    @Balu : Happy new year to you as well ! You’ll see the effects of recession on my touring this year 🙂

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