Cross Country Ride!

Friends : In a hurry, I forgot to update this page. I am currently on a cross country ride from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat. For more details, head over to http://cross-country-ride.blogspot.com . I have a BSNL connection with GPRS, so I am updating more freuqently than last time; I am currently at Dibrugarh!

You are probably wondering why I am not blogging at this site itself ? The answer is simple : the site hosting this site is going down on the 31st of December. Just before I started off on my tour, I realized this and didn't have time for a server migration at that time, so... However, http://www.shreekumar.in/ will remain my homepage for the foreseeable future. Justy that it will not be available for some days!

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Browser Issues Fixed!

Got news from Manohar that my webpage wasn't showing anything! He was using Internet Explorer. I had to fix my first post on the North-East Blog to correct the problem...

Please click here to access all pictures, stories and GPS tracks from the Tour!

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All content from “Tour of North East” is online!

At last 🙂 By "content", I mean - Pictures, GPS tracks and Stories. For more details, please click here.



Tour of the North-East

I have been waiting for a few months to write this post!

We are going on a tour of the North-Eastern states & Bhutan. Did I say, "we" ? My friend Krishnaprasad (KP) will be coming along. So I have some company at-last! The tour starts the day after tomorrow from Agartala. It will be a 23 day journey over fantastic landscapes & unknown places (to us, atleast!)
For more details about the trip, follow the Overview Page.



Grand Reunion :-)

I'll explain the title in a moment, but before I do, let me post my regular apologies. I haven't been posting anything for quite sometime. For now, I can't do much other than saying sorry. The lack of updates has a lot to do with my work at office. I haven't been cycling much of late, but it is time I started again.

December is approaching fast. The region of my trip has been decided already. It will be KP & me this time. We are touring the North-East this year! Hopefully we will be able to cover Bhutan as well. Overall, we have about 22 days. The terrain will mean that I will have to train a bit (that means to say quite a lot). I plan to start training shortly. I am really excited about this trip. I am soon going to start a new page for this & more details will be known soon 😉

Now, back to the title. I did my schooling till the seventh standard in Delhi Kannada School. After that, I had to shift to Karnataka. Needless to say, I lost touch with all my schoolmates in the process.

Quite a while back, I tried to find a few of my primary school chums on Orkut. I didn't succeed. But others did. Sometime ago, I got a scrap from Guruprasad Kini. I remembered the name. I was surprised, excited and happy. We met yesterday and had a long chat.

Initially I had mixed feelings about meeting a school chum after such a long time. You know, much can happen in 17 years. I hoped it wouldn't turn out anything like "After 20 years" 😉 We spent a good 90 minutes chatting about the good old days. Guru seemed to remember a lot more than I did & I am only hoping that I can recollect the old faces & events soon...

I find this quite amazing. As Guru said time and again, it's a small world! And it is getting smaller all the time. Thanks to Guru, I have already got in touch with Appu, Sachin, Chetak, Balaji and Ravi. We are planning to start a community soon to remember the grand old days. And, if you are from DKS and happen to be a classmate, please please do get in touch!

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Improved support from Firefox

I had referred to a cracked frame on my Firefox Viper in a previous post.

Here is how the crack looked like :

And how (rather when) did the crack happen ? The day after our Bannerghatta ride.

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Around the world in 20 months!

Can't resist posting this amazing piece of news. Avijit Chakraborthy is on

A journey on a bicycle of about 64,000 km (40,000 miles) across 62 countries in 20 months...

He started off on March 2005 and hopes to finish by November 2006. As of May 2006, he had already completed 41,250 km across 36 countries. Learn more here.

In case you didn't get it, that's an amazing average of 107 kilometers a day over a 20 month period. He is married and has a kid too! If he succeeds, he will have a guinness record to boot! Way to go, Avijit - and all the best to you...

(Last Thought - 1) : Shree, what the heck are you doing in office ?
(Last Thought) : Records are made to be broken 😉


Buy Firefox at your own risk!

I really wanted to title this post "Don't buy Firefox", but it hasn't come to that yet.

I had recently purchased the Viper from Firefox Bikes. See my earlier post about the same.

Firefox says that its cycles are "designed in UK and manufactured in Taiwan to the highest international standards". That seems true. So where are the flaws ? One word : Service! I was always wary of the service that I would get once I purchased the bike - and recent developments have proved that my gut feeling was right.

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Welcome the Viper

Flash news : on Sunday, my impulses got the better of me. I gave in to temptation and bought the Viper. Can't help remembering the words of an IBM executive here:

People buy by impulse and justify with reason.

I won't do that, I promise ! Before I get into the pros and cons, a few pictures:

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Page Under Construction

This page is under construction.

If you came here looking for my cycling tour, please click here.

This page will host other stuff like my 3D demo programs, other open source stuff, my artistic pursuits and adventures. You might find something interesting here. So stay tuned!

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